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01.30.2012 , 06:46 PM | #1
I am wanting to roll an alt, leveled a OP up to 28 as a medic and it has become kind of slow at this point to level and hitting 3 buttons over and over in a group has become boring to me. I also tried the Sniper and made it to level 22 or so, but the survivability was horrid on my Sniper when someone closed the gap. So I figured it was time for a alt, this time around I want to go with a DPS class. I cannot decide between a assassin, Jugg, or a Marauder.

The jugg and marauder seem the same almost, except one can tank. The assassin I already had leveled up to 11(was my first toon during pre-launch, but my guild needed a healer then they all left the game for odd reasons and now I am alone and pretty slow at leveling lol). At end game and leading up to endgame I will want to PvP a lot as that's my cup of tea. Assassin seemed fun, though I also didn't like the hybrid melee/ranged style it had of course as I said that was only 11 so maybe it goes more melee later on?

Just wondering what peoples opinions are on classes with good burst damage and some survivability perhaps. AoE I don't care much about, as I tend to like just beating down one target at a time.