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10.13.2021 , 08:31 AM | #14
I agree with both players above.
But I still believe that making a choice between saber reflect and mad dash is a bad decision.
These are iconic juggernaut skills and they are being used all the time, for me they are constantly on cooldown.

I watched developers stream and I understand what they are looking to do - for example I play also assassin tank, and I have attacks bind to keys 1-12, but I go maximum to button 6-7 and I start over - they can remove remaining 6 skills (keys 7-12) and it wont be a huge deal for me.
Other classes also have skills that are useful at beginner levels but then get replaced with stronger skills and you stop to use them.

But in juggernaut's case it's different and they need special treatment as most of their skills are usable and are used all the time on flashpoints and operations, not to mention PvP. Personally I did not say anything about other classes, its OK, we will get used to it. But in this case it's a class breaking nerf as it is now.

Juggernaut iconic skills to keep jugg play like jugg - enraged defense, taunts, force choke, mad dash, saber reflect + saber ward (I would combine them into a single skill) smash, force charge - you can see these used all the time.

Useless skills - saber throw (nobody uses it in their rotation as it's weak atm, its used as a taunt), sweeping slash is very situational and I don't use it too often and I don't see people using it (maybe if it got buffed players would use it more often).

How I play:

I always mad dash into the enemy ranks (it works as a charge and AOE), smash them with AOE, and then use saber reflect when they are all firing at me. It looks just epic seeing all that damage and flashing - its super fun! It makes jugg look like that tough guy who always charges head on - as it should be.
For me removing or having to choose between mad dash and saber reflect is a disaster