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Two things I'm curious about, since my Consular is still back doing Star Fortresses:

1. Did they finally fix Felix' combat voice clips? Or does he still channel Zenith when he heals himself?
2. Where does he show up in the companion window? I'm curious because Akaavi/Mako got a whole new category to themselves.
He shows up under "jedi consular companions," on his own for now because Qyzen is an alliance recruit and we have no other consular companions back.

As for his voice, I never put him on healing since my consular's a healer, but his reactions sounded the same when I clicked on him (right down to this one hostile-sounding "don't push your luck" line that has always seemed like a mistake?), so I doubt if anything else has changed (apart from his lips not moving now, of course). Once I'm finished the new Nathema FP, I'll check and let you know.
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