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Thanks again. I think I am set on going with armstech and slicing. Would I be better taking investigation or scavenging as my third crew skill? I think investigation given that the blue/purple mats for armstech appear to be more costly on the GTN than the white/green mats yielded by scavenging. However, more of the latter are probably used in armstech recipes than are the blue/purple mats.
You should at least *consider* having a dedicated gatherer, with three gather skills. Naturally, the three should include Slicing. And don't forget that all those Jawa tokens you get (droid parts, scrap, and the other one that I can't remember what it's called) can be used at the vendors in the Cartel Bazaar(1) part of the Fleet to acquire materials for (except Grade 11) relatively cheap (and no credits in any case).

(1) To the left as you come out of the lift, three Jawas in a row in front of a container.
Not really what you think.
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