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01.21.2022 , 03:15 PM | #1
Hey yall!

I'm a casual player that's trying to up my PVP game. Traditionally, I play Arsenal, but after seeing how ridiculous the damage output of IO can be, I've decided to try to learn it. However, it's been rough!

I watched Mark Biggs's IO guide on YouTube, and I'm trying to use his Dots - Filler - Unload - Filler - Detonator - Mag Shot - Power Shot - Mag Shot rotation, using supercharged gas off cooldown, and spreading my dots with Explosive Dart when the enemy is stacked.

I'm running Concentrated Fire with the tactical that buffs up Supercharged Gas and Burn (forgot the name).

However, I've found that in 1v1 situations, I have zero burst to help me down an enemy, and the casts for Serrated Bolt and Unload get endlessly interrupted. Also, in the heat of the moment, I get lost on my rotations, which is why Arsenal's priority rotation was a bit easier (not as set, just based on using things off cooldown in certain orders). Finally, I have trouble target switching - once someone goes down or bubbles up, should I restart the rotation on another target, or start where I left off?

I'm sure many of you can see some areas for improvement from what I've said - I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks!
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