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If anyone jumped into Mass Effect 2 without playing Mass Effect 1 (such as I did), you can probably take a guess how BioWare will solve this problem in KOTFE. At the start of ME2 without any of the prior decisions of ME1, BioWare had a brief questionnaire for you to decide your backstory (such as who you romanced) which definitely effects all the relationships between characters going forward. I'd imagine this is the simplest solution for them to implement... but not nearly as fun as running through 1-50 if you're looking for that BW story experience. I definitely felt like I missed something on ME1.

I get why people would want to skip to lvl 60 to get to the new content, but there are SO many hours of dialog and choices their going to miss out on if they haven't leveled the class yet. Its going to be a tough job for BW to sift through all 8 classes and pick out all of the critical decisions to define each class.
ME2 defaulted to some less-than-ideal options if you didn't import an ME1 character (like assuming you romance Williams/Alenko, as you mentioned, though that is a minor thing compared to say, Who's King of Radioactive Pile of Rubble, which can be a factor in certain choices in ME3. Or even little sidequests in ME1 that pay off in ME3 *pointedly not looking at Conrad Verner*)

So following that pattern set up by the ME series (as some of the people have admitted to be inspired by), Jumped to 60s will have a less-than-ideal (in terms of metagaming and what you call ideal) choices made earlier. And have certain assumed romances (Guessing like the SoR had the "main romance options" talking at planets, they would have Vette/Quinn, Andronikos/Ashara. Vector/Kaliyo, Mako/Torian, Elara/Aric, Corso/Risha, Doc/Kira, Nadia/Iresso as the assumed romance option, disregarding Temple, Akaavi, Jaesa, Pierce).