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So, what you want to do is reward people who throw tantrums and leave matches because they're bad in order to accommodate people who DC once or twice a year and absolutely cannot wait 15 min, once or twice a year? Still not sold. Do you understand why BioWare isn't sold either? This incredibly bad argument isn't capable of withstanding even the slightest scrutiny.

Not liking Proving Grounds isn't a valid excuse to leave a match. Bugs existing are not a valid excuse to leave a match.

You talk about offenses but you are really talking about gaming the system. If they were to give you three strikes a day, you would abuse two of those strikes, every day. No one is falling for this.
All of your white knight counterpoints are undone by my primary argument, that a single offense is not a reason for a 15 minute lockout. The only reason for a 15 minute lockout is laziness. An intern could write the code to make it a tiered system (hell, the code already exists in the game).

I'm not sure why you think leaving a horribly designed warzone is gaming the system, but even if it were, gaming the system exists when the system is broken. Bioware could implement a ranked choice system for PVP maps. It would not only fix the primary issue people have with PvP but also *GASP* .. they would get more data on what people actually like to play!!!
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