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Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Gao_Gao View Post
i've been watching and participating in this thread since it started.
How nice of you to finally share your thoughts.

i'm honestly amazed it is still alive, as i left the forums for many moons.
As did I. But the game is still here, same-sex companion romance is still promised and still pending, and players still very much wish to see it implemented.

all i have to say is, are you people serious?
Yes. Are you?

while i support you,
You do? Took you long enough to say so. That's not really supportive. Keeping this issue current and in the eyes of the Dev Team is supportive. Understanding that it really does matter to some players is supportive. Snarky comments aren't.

i just don't understand how you have any hopes for anything. with the recent drop in subs, and its implication for the future, do you honestly think they will spend the time to implement same gendered romance to storylines that people will likely be able to play for free once the financial facts are realized?
I don't get this. Yes, there was a drop in subs once the content locusts blew through the game and got bored. Are you saying that implementing SGRs will cost BioWare more subscriptions? I'd argue that following through on their promise of same-gender romantic content, that is keeping faith with players who have remained faithful to the game and continued to play in spite of the delay (which we were told as early as April might be as long as a year).

And that is why we still believe this will happen. It is story content. SWTOR is story-driven, and they take that element of the game just as seriously as flashpoints, ops etc. Some of us rate that a lot higher. BioWare knows that.

do you honestly think that in between firing literally everyone, that there is really a team working hard to write this specific dialogue? i'm sure there are people workign on "writing":, but all we will see of their work is in receiving HK47, and some bad planet dialogue for the next "great expansion".

i'm sure my doom and gloom won't break your commitment to seeing this, but i honestly feel bad for anyone who still has any hope for this. i "hope" i'm wrong.
We appreciate your sympathy, but it is misplaced. Rather, if you really are supportive of same-gender content, understand that our concern here is when and how this will be implemented in the game. Whether it will is not in question - something which you would know if you had honestly paid any attention to this thread at all.