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Quote: Originally Posted by LawranceEttar View Post be fair alot of us may not have the additional funds to buy a new computer system at the moment, and they advertised support for Windows XP. Your comments are irrelevant.

My Windows XP machine was working fine 24 hours ago before the new update. No issues.
No it's not irrelevant. Nobody is asking you to buy a whole new computer. You just have to buy a new operating system which is different from a brand new computer. Irrelevant because it worked before? As, I said you are lucky it worked before.

Older OS cannot run newer games. This game came out over a year ago while it does support it. With new updates to the game the OS becomes even harder to maintain with the newer technology.

If you don't have the funds then that's fine. But don't expect a game to work with an old operating system.

For you people on XP:

It's 70 bucks. Save up and upgrade. I should reiterate that they will support you through your XP issues. But expecting a miracle is your best bet. XP can for sure run this game to a point. You should really upgrade soon.
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