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Good Day,

I am not sure if trash free FPs are the way to go, I think making the trash mobs more interesting and engaging should be the plan.

I would love to see this game take a page from the WoW book and institute a Mythic+ type system to get people interested in flashpoints. For those that don't know, the trash mobs in the dungeons have a lot of mechanics in WoW and the consequences for not dealing with or "trying to burn through them" usually means a wipe. The problem with SWTOR trash mobs for the most part is they don't have any mechanics or interrupts that really matter, it is just a bunch of stuff you have to AOE down endlessly to get to a boss, with no real consequences, in other words, boring.

There is a timer on the WoW dungeon, and beating the timer grants you a key that you can insert at the beginning of the next dungeon which increases the mobs and bosses health/dmg and there are certain mechanic affixes that gets added the higher key you go.

When the key gets high enough, it I actually a relief to get to the boss at times, because the trash mobs have so many mechanics and interrupts that HAVE to happen.

Maybe they don't need to take it to that extreme, and use the opportunity to improve somewhat on that system, but none the less, I think the ticket is to make the game more interesting and engaging, rather than taking out things.

The other nice part to being able to increase the difficulty of the flashpoint, is that you can give decent gear rewards. I am a little out of touch with the gearing system in this game, however, in WoW you can get heroic level gear from dungeons, and a weekly piece from your cache that will be mythic (NiM level). The other major issue with flashpoints in this game is the rewards have always been garbage, often not even dropping gear that is the same item level as the level suggested that you need to run the flashpoint. Once you get 100% completion on a flashpoint, is there ever any need to ever run it again without a reward?

Make them not boring and rewarding, and people will queue.
First, trash with mechanics has been tried: Kaon being the main one, Lost Island to a lesser extent, and Chiss/Nathema being very poorly executed in this regard, Meridian went back to mech-free trash. Even so, relying too much on trash led to accusations of lazy design.

Second, M+ affixes change weekly, and, with it, whether trash has the extra mechs or the bosses, or in what proportion. In WoW, there has also been complaints about excessive trash, even in M0. But that's as far as I know about it from an outsider perspective, beyond the timer forcing people to skip trash even when there's a clear risk of wiping by skipping said trash.

Given the diminishing patience of who's still playing, and, more importantly, BW's limited resources, I am more than convinced that trash-free is the way to go, and, if a trash-free FP proves to be well-liked and run regularly, maybe future FPs will be trash-free, too. But, if the boss mechs of a new trash-free FP are anywhere near the difficulty of Meridian... would it be enough to compensate for the absence of trash?