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03.15.2020 , 03:40 AM | #2
Nathema and Chiss are nearly trash-free if you bring just one stealther. Have the stealther run to a check point, and everyone else jumps off a cliff and dies, they respawn at a check point.

On Chiss the stealther needs to be aware of some stealthed mobs though, as they appear in the middle of the path and unexperienced ppl usually manage to run straight into them... I think there's some mobs with stealth detection too, but I forgot which ones.

On Chiss, even if we don't have a stealther in the group, we just run to first boss popping cooldowns and slowing down & rooting the adds as much as possible. Most likely someone will make it to the first boss, and the whole group will respawn there after they die. Shame on BW for ruining a nice FP with so much annoying trash, that people don't even consider killing them all.