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Were you able to find the Galactic Seasons page?

It took me a minute, but yes I did find it. I think that since it is a page that people will likely be referencing more often, perhaps it could be the default tab that opens as opposed to the daily login rewards?

Were you able to locate your Galactic Seasons Priority Objectives in the Galactic Seasons screen?

Yes, with quite a bit of work. I think that they should be separated from Conquest objectives. A big amount of hassle. Maybe just make a new mission log tab just for Galactic Seasons?

In the Conquest screen there is a list of tentative Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives. These are all denoted as "PO: Name". What feedback do you have regarding the current list of objectives?

I like the variety in terms of what gives you points. Offers a bit more incentive for rampages than we've recently had in Conquest so that's good.

How do you feel about the cadence and points offered in GS?

I think that each objective should be perfectly clear how many points each objective is worth at a glance. I think that a good idea would probably be something like a booster depending on how many objectives you do in a row perhaps? Doing enough of the objectives within a certain amount of time maybe should give a slight increase modifier as to how many points are gained from objectives (say for an hour?)

I think it would keep people playing for longer periods of time as opposed to popping in every now and again.

What other general feedback would you would like to tell us?

Hopefully in the future, the objectives will list how many points each objective is worth? No way to determine the priority of activities I'd want to do without knowing what I'd be getting out of it. Also the levels in the Seasons window need to have some form of graphic to attract attention to your progress in the galactic season instead of just a number out of a total. Also, as mentioned before, some form of encouragement/incentive to do more objectives at a time to reward those who want to do big pushes?
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