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Well I decided to just put up or shut up, I made 4 300 rating armourings, it took a bit over a week, and after tax I sold all 4 of them from between 8.2 to 9 million credits each.
OK, but how much did it cost you to make them? All-up cost: crew-skill sourced material, the various "white" materials (even though most of them aren't "white" in Grade 11), and the exotica that are required on top.

Note: I'm just talking about the incremental cost of making the next one, not the amortised cost of development, how much it cost to get from 270 to 300.
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Do the armour parts with amps stack, I got like 4 of them for crit synth and seem to never get extra stuff, even the green parts.
The "Crit craft" amps don't work. I mean, like, not at all.
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