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03.18.2020 , 11:10 AM | #3
Just to add some history and context to this thread, and to keep it bumped in the hopes that the Development team doesn't forget about it, this FP has been broken since late 2016. They originally disabled all the loot drops from the chests and the boss when it was not included in the level synchronization implemented across the game. When they finally got around to including it, they never re-enabled the loot drops. I myself posted about it two years ago:

Honestly, I wouldn't care if this FP was just completely removed from the game, except one of the coolest and rarest SH decorations (Manned Blaster Turret) drops from there. I therefore implore Bioware to PLEASE put this deco into the Cartel Market, or add it to a deco vendor on our respective fleets. That seems like a reasonable compromise to fixing everything that's wrong with this FP, which you guys clearly either have no interest in doing, or lack the manpower and resources to do.

(@TaitWatson for your attention.)
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