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I donít totally disagree with the win requirement either, only how itís been implemented. As Iíve stated in numerous threads now, they didnít need to make it ďwin onlyĒ. They could have adjusted the points system to combat the afkers and made it a 3:1 or better yet, a 4:1 ratio instead on 2:1.

My own experience queuing solo or premade with my wife since this was implemented has averaged a 4:1 loss-win ratio when things are going badly for us. What I mean by that is at the moment with poor match making at the times I play, it feels like the queue often expects me to single handedly carry my teams against premades and non-premade teams. I win maybe 1 match to every 4 when that happens.

Iíve heard from other people and also read on the forums that 4:1 is usually about the average for worst case scenarios. So why not make the win loss ratio a 4:1 points system based on that. Then if someone really is having bad match making or bad luck with teams who donít try, they are still getting something for their effort and they donít feel trapped in an endless loop of getting nothing for their effort. The AfKers would still be mostly wasting their time trying to complete dailies and weeklies that way. But the ordinary player wouldnít feel like they are completely wasting their time.
At the moment the lock out is actually making people AFK when they know itís a lost cause or even purposely sabotaging their teams.

Wether you, I or BioWare agree on the methods, the one thing that canít be disputed is many people left or stopped playing pvp over this change. BioWare (ChrisS) have stated their over all intention is to build up numbers and community so match making works, but thatís not going to happen with the constant big stick approach that makes people play less. Iíve made a thread with ways they can improve the whole situation and I know youíve read it, so I wonít repeat it again. I will just say that the win only requirement and lockout in their current form is having as much a negative affect as good. They can do better and should tweak them to make them feel less arduous. They said they would if needed, but havenít done anything in 10 months.

I also understand your point of view with map choice and donít totally disagree. But the issue is BioWare want to use a lock out mechanism to stop people rate quitting. And while ever they have broken maps, maps people vehemently hate or maps people wonít play properly, then the only recourse is giving players choice so that the people in those maps actually want to be there. I honestly donít know if map choice would work or not with such a small population (I have my reservations). Itís something they should have done 9 years ago.

Number farming is an issue. Iíve also offered ways in the other thread on how Bioware could combat that. An update to the medal system / reward system and also hiding some personal stats from public view would allow the scoreboard to stay, but would remove the epeen stage for those people. Youíd still be able to see all your own stats, but only medals and objective points would remain visible to everyone. Of course thatís only for objective pvp. The Arena scoreboard should remain as is.

The game can already tell if you DC or have connection issues. The tech is already built in. Of course if someone wants to lag switch or pull out their network cable, the system canít tell. But those people would be few and far between in regs. Probably no different to the amount of people whoíd pay $15 a month to hack the game. And as you and others have pointed out to me over the years, itís regs, so why do you care so much if a small handful of fools would purposely DC to avoid the lockout, the overall population isnít going to do it. Especially when the lock out is making less people want to play or play properly. Ie people are afking instead of eating a 15 min lock out cause itís quicker over all to afk.
If bioware is going to live and die by this new weekly of wins only then they need to add more incentive for folks to actually participate in a losing pvp match.

If the whole bad change on Bioware's part is to deter afkers and folks leaving matches - hence the lock out and wins only. Maybe scrap that and go to something that accounts for medals earned - as afk players won't have medals or enough of them to qualify for receiving credit toward the weekly and pvp rewards. It def could be implemented it would take some work but with other input from pvpers I think it would work way better than having a lock out and winning only for actually receiving something from pvping.