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10.13.2014 , 10:20 AM | #60
Last night went pretty well. A lot of matches, some close, some lopsided (in our favor) but a good time... until a Pub team showed up that was using all bombers. Which forced us to field a lot of bombers. Which meant everyone was flying these slow, ponderous ships, which meant I was bored and annoyed...

Anyway, I failed to notice that Super Serious Sunday thing you do on the Bastion. So I guess Sunday nights won't work for you to visit humble lil' Jung Ma... I think it's pretty hit or miss any other night. I know the queues usually die down around 0030 hours EDT as people go to bed. The four hours prior to that are usually okay, but sometimes there just aren't many people queueing...

So at this point, I can't really recommend you visiting Jung Ma. Thanks for being receptive to the idea, though. See you around.
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