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09.20.2021 , 11:56 AM | #2
We’re Always Welcoming New Members!

I joined TIOP/ED a few months into 6.0 when I wanted to run more group content. We're primarily an “evenings and weekends” guild (As you might expect from a bunch of adults with work & family obligations). Still, we make it work. And with a little bit of notice, we can pull together groups for most activities in-game:

  • Tired of pugging your weeklies? We recently implemented LFG tags in our discord for flashpoints, operations, pvp, and other common content.
  • Stuck at the last Shroud or Seeker Mission? We have players who are always churning alts through those storylines. Drop a note and we’ll set a time.
  • Finally, our flagship HM Ops team is some of the most fun I have in game. Currently, we’re progging Dxun at Apex Vanguard.

If you want a stable guild filled with mature, good-humored, and motivated players, check us out. Got questions? Join our Discord for more information.

And no matter where you end up: Happy Gaming!