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04.22.2021 , 10:05 PM | #1
When raising the issue with companion decorations turning to holoes in strongholds when logged in as a character who doesn't have that companion unlocked, I was told that the issue with this is we could potentially have multiple of the same class with that character customized in different ways. Here is what I would propose to solve that:

1) Make the companions simply placeable as stackable decorations in the same way anything else is. Don't have them behave like companions and turn to holoes at all. In fact, more than one of each companion should be available to place based on how many characters you have that companion on.
2) Have an "import" option where if you're placing a companion who isn't on your particular toon and/or if you have more than one of it on other toons, you can choose which character to "import" the appearance of that companion from.
3) If a character with a particular companion is deleted, then have the decoration be deleted as well from where it is placed.

In this way, companions as decorations can be synced and available to see across a player's legacy regardless of what class they're on and it would be better for visuals if friends are visiting so they don't have to just see a bunch of holoes or their own companions when they visit.

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