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12.13.2011 , 10:56 AM | #2921
I am not a complainer, nor have I complained over the early release, nor the way they are adding EGA to players in waves.
However saying all that, I am disappointed considering that back in July bioware stated that the early access would be based on when you entered your code. Seems to me if players who odered in December (not verified that these players are in really or just trolling) are getting in before players who had their codes entered back in July and not accepted into EGA yet, this isn't exactly fair nor true form from Biowares' promise of access being be given in the order of your entery.
Would help greatly if Stephen Reid would actually confirm or deny that players are truelu getting invites based on the early access code entery.

I see his orginal post was removed, hope it is back up after I post this cause would hate to feel he was running away fromm the issues at hand. I want to believe I really do!!