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06.18.2020 , 03:39 PM | #631
Thanks for the solo queue videos Drakolich. Found them very interesting to watch. However most if not all of them ( I didn't count ) seemed to be wins. As a 90% solo que pilot myself, I often find myself landing on bad teams where I'm the only good pilot. As much as I'm no stranger to 20+ kills and 100K damage, those matches where I'm under a heavy amount of pressure demand far more from me, and can be much more satisfying if you still perform well. So I was wondering if you have any such videos? Where you've landed on a heavily outmatched team, the win is never on, and you've got to focus on staying alive and getting kills when you can. I'm talking about the sort of matches that end 1000-200 or 50-15. Would be good to see how you play it, what ship you choose, and your strategy to stay alive.

On a side note, I very recently decided learning to Gunship was necessary, and your Gunship videos + the things you said in the analysis ones basically taught me to be a competent GS over night