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04.07.2021 , 06:42 PM | #7
S01E06 - GG!

I've played thousands of matches of GSF over the years. This one Maarek just ended up in must be in top-10 in terms of how G a G it was. It is rare for a satelite match to end due to time running out. I bet I've never before seen time run out before either team reaches even 900 points. At least one sat kept being contested through almost the entire match. Still solo-q only on Maarek, good thing a guildie ended up on same team!

This one was pretty high quality match through and through, plenty of vet pilots in air. Common compaint nowadays among GSF pilots is how match quality has kinda dropped.(Squadrons release meant many aces switched over. Plus plenty of new pilots stepped in due to Mando and Steam release.) Imo they kinda forget even teams make good games, rather than having tons of collective skill amassed. If top six best GSF pilots in the world are in same match and in same team, it prolly isn't a great game. If two piles of totally fresh pilots happen to be sorted in somewhat equal way, it can be a great and entertaining match. I think generally speaking, matches have been more even since summer than I remember them being in a long time. Played 4 matches yesterday. One was a 49-50 DM defeat, one was the match screenshotted above. Great nite to fly in space!