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S01E05 - Sounds like Trouble!

I've been at this for 3 weeks now or something. Gradually, I'm discovering that not all that much is happening inside this walker!! Techincans just sit there. Gearbox, in his stern posture, keeps looking at the same closed door I so often stare. In many ways, he is a prisoner here just as I.
However!! Endless loop of sounds from the outside reminds us all how there is a vibrant, living world just behind that door. I can hear AA turret or such, and occasional explosions and blaster shots! Things might be quite still in the social distancing walker, but life goes on without us just fine it sounds like!

Sounds are very important in GSF too. Beyond obvious stuff like missile locks I mean. Every single laser cannon has its own, distinct sound for example. You can hear enemies who are close enough. Knowing whether it is Quad or Burst lasers they aiming at you is vital. Vicious and loud barking of T1 Strike's ion cannon is distinct and spells danger. Tight pewpewpew of all Imperial lasers differs from the sloppier sound of their Republic counterparts, which was grucial back when queue pool was still split in factions. Paying attention to this stuff can save lives! I swear, there is this unique engine sound that is meant to tell you if an enemy scout is close by..but it is super unreliable and happens in very sporadic fashion. I recon it is meant to be a nod to the iconic engine roar Tie fighters make in StaWa movies. You don't always hear everything you should, and chaos of battlefield makes it tricky to know which sounds are..relevant for you. Still, often sounds is all you have informing you about enemy at your 6 at first.

It is crazy how slowly ships get build when you can't do dailies or weeklies. I was sure fleet req. from each match would help more than it does. I've done 23 matches in Starguard and still have no weapons mastered. I also thought I could start picking weely missions via the conquest mission menu..but you'd need intro to GSF-mission completed in order to take the weekly. That one is available from fleet, which is ofc is a distant dream inside this walker.

Match 32 of Maark. Teams are bit uneven, but a long, fun pitched battle for A satelite ends up happening anyway. Lasts non stop thrugh three quarters of the entire fight or something. I'm not expecting to do much living with my largely unbuild Spearpoint, so i waste my EMP missiles like there's no tomorrow. By the time I could really use some I'm all out.

Spearpoint is an excellent ship to have at start of a satelite match - Tensor field-ability boosts speed of the entire team. Many matches been settled 1 second after spawn, if teams are otherwise even but one side lacks tensors.
Spearpoint is a solid ship in satelite matches beyond the tensors. I'd still much rather switch to my Pike or Flashfire though. ..If I had either build even a little bit. Some people suicide soon as they tensor and switch to a different ship. I think its bad karma and usually just stick to Spearpoint til I die.

Maarek's lvl 29 now. Taken 32 matches of GSF. There'd be legacy perk boosting xp from GSF that I could buy..and I'd have tons of xp tokens for popping. I could also mail him the DvsL xp suit..but I can't be bothered to do any of that Slow n steady. I recon the walker looks pretty similar at 75.