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02.20.2021 , 06:35 AM | #5
S01E04 - Gearbox

I'm detecting a steadily increasing amount of tension between Gearbox and I. I've made numerous attempts to initiate a casual conversation with him, but it isn't working out. He is perfectly willing to talk to me at any given time..but only if I agree to go through the opening cutscene dialogue that'd banish me out of my social distancing Walker. Other than that, he stonewalls me utterly. It is a diabolical catch 22, truly. Once I unlock mailbox via legacy perks, I tell Gearbox he can use it too if he wants to. Maybe that will break the ice.

25 matches played now! Stats took a real dive somewhere around 5-15 games played, but looks like I've recovered since then.

This is prolly match 22 or so. Bought couple of my favorite ships, such as T3 scout Spearpoint. Spearpoint's Tensor Field-ability boosts speed of the entire team at the beginning of the match. It is a move that is super easy to execute..and absolutely vital tool when fighting for satelites.

If your team gets stuck defending A and C satelites in Kuat Mesas, you usually in for an..eventful game.Its a very tough situation to defend, I always end up feeling like I'm not where I should be. If holding A and C, its all about figuring out which enemies are dangerous and making educated guesses on their moves.I guess wrong here couple of times. Assuming one prefers roaming and overactive busybody gameplay like I do, that is. Some hold ground on one specific satelite..It'd often be a better move. But also, less fun!