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02.17.2021 , 02:26 PM | #4
S01E03 - Exciting discovery about the seats!

There's a total of 16 seats in the walker. I've counted them! That's also the max. size of an OPs team when we speak of actual instanced content. With all this evidence at hand, it feels safe to conclude full Squad of Repuiblic troopers amounts to 16 ppl! Good thing my walker has just Gearbox and 4 technicans, it'd get crowded with 16.

I think this was match number 7 for Maarek. Our team can't quite shut down an excellent GS working for the enemy, which costs us the game. Was a great, even match. I bet I end up switching to my usual fav. components eventually; I greatly dislike my lasers, engines and missiles. All besides engines remain in stock condition, they'd start working better once upgraded ofc.

Cool thing about GSF - No ship is an obvious upgrade to another. Almost all of them have their own strenths and paths to victory. When it comes to components of ships, it is bit more clear cut. There are components, weapons and engine abilities that are just bad or unsuitable combinations. However, almost every ship has at least 2-3 unique builds that differ from one another and work fine in their own right. Stock build of Rycer works quite well as a defender of satelites. It feels terrible on DMs though.

Played 15 matches now. Got 40k credits made. 10k more and I can get repair bot, mailbox..all the good stuff!

It is a shame Maarek must be a trooper. Smugglers get cool looking Rep. Navy uniform bits from the pvp crates. Troopers get some awful low texture garbage instead.