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02.12.2021 , 02:01 AM | #3
S01E02 - The Mysterious Visitor!!

I bet somebody here thought life inside the Republic Walker might get a little boring sometimes,right? WRONG!!! Look at this!! Just one day in, and I'm starting to see things already..

Silence of Gearbox and technicans also starting to get under my skin. I wish they'd say something. Only dialogue Gearbox wants to have with me is one that'd take me away from my social distancing Walker and I refuse to pay such price for his company.

7 Matches played now. 4 wins, 3 defeats. Long streak of real good, high quality matchhes.. a result, my KD:R and win% got completely borked! Small price for good games. In general I prolly pay more attention to various stats on this character than usual. More I care about stats of my pilot chars, Sithier I usually fly. I sometimes keep checking/caring about win% of my chars, but I think its wise to consider all the rest as pretty trivial.

Reached level 10. Massive amount of various conq objectives immediately dinged, reached conq target for 1st time on this char.

As a lvl 10, I can start opening the GSF gear crates. You get one crate for each match. Crate is of higher quality if your team won. Each crate give fleet req, which makes building your ships so much faster and easier for anyone. If your character is a lowbie, these crates also drop some real nice looking/interesting gear from time to time. Once you ding 75, boxes kinda change and begin giving same junk you get from..anywhere at 75. So in some ways, pvp/GSF crates are more valuable if popped as a lowbie. Or at least much more interesting.

Thanks to conq credit tokens, I'm sitting on stuff worthy of lots of cash now! Just that I'd need a vendor to sell these things.