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S01E01 - First steps and a Koiogran turn!

First roadsign along this magical anti-journey is to get enough credits to buy access to couple of legacy unlcoks! That way, I can pick up tons of droids and stuff from mail to keep me company! I get around 1k credits from a GSF match at lower levels. Mailbox is 50k. Hmm or maybe repair droid is better 1st investment. That way, I can vendor all the junk GSF geat crates give.

This is my life now. Socially distancing together with Gearbox and four technicians. I'm gonna get to know Gearbox real well I recon!

One thing people who don't do GSF usually never notice: it keeps very thorough stats about absolutely everything. Wins, losses, kills, deaths, KDR, amount of blaster shots fired!

Its generally speaking pretty tough to fly a stock ship. T1 Strikefighter Starguard(or Rycer on imp side) is an excellent machine that performs alright even in stock condition. Can't wait to get it bit more upgraded though. Obviously, I will mis out GSF intro quest and dailies. Later on, I can pick up weekly directly via the conquest menu though!

Had a really fun and interesting Sat match..but Geforce experience failed to record it so you just gonna have to take my word for it. Here's a Deathmatch instead. Battle over Iokath. I wish there were more GSF maps. Pref ones reflecting major battles in-game. Like battle over Illum etc. This is 4th match of Maarek. There are GSF pilots that are total human computers when it comes to DMs, having respawn times and locations of buffs memorized, each asteroid carved to their minds. I'm almost always too harebrained to even try bothering with that, I just fly to places and shoot things.

I'll mostly be flying on T1 Strikefighter, Starguard. It is an ecellent, versatile ship that has some kind of a solution to offfer to most problems. Usually, thanks to daily and weekly missions, even ships not actively flown get upgrades. No terminals in this walker, so that isn't the case here.

Decided I'd upgrade the engines first. I almost always roll with retro thrusters normally. Giving Koiogran turn a spin for once. I want the t3 upgrade of engines, fast turning speed, ASAP. Retros are great, versatile engine component. They can be offensive, defensive just as easily. Can use them around satelites without really leaving it. Or prolong a joust vs another ship if you deem it a good move.Koiogran turn is more of a defensive ability. Feels useful bit less often than retros. 3rd option would be barrel roll, which doesn't really suit T1 strike imho. - it is a great escape and travel ability, but T1 is about killing, not escaping! And isn't exactly about travelling either,so!