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TLDR This picture tells it all really! GSF pilot of Republic Navy stuck in Trooper starter walker. Forever.

Hello, stranger! Its kinda lonely inside this Walker, so figured I'd put together some sort of a blog-like thing in an effort to keep the cabin fever away!

My goal is to lvl from 1 to 75 without ever leaving the trooper starter walker. Except to couple of occasional GSF matches.

I'm pretty sure nobody will end up reading this, but I decided my magical space adventure anti-journey needs some pretty strict and arbirtary rules established! Outlining them on a public platform makes it easier to remember and follow them.

Maarek's Magical anti-journey is made possible by two components:
A) You can fly GSF on lvl 1 character
B) If you esc out of trooper opening dialogue, door of that Walker will NEVER open!

Conclusion: I can ding all the way to lvl 75 without ever leaving the comfort of my Walker! I promise nobody has ever spend as much time on that thing as Maarek will! Imagine how well you get to know Gearbox in that isolation..

Arbirtary pointless Rules I've established for myself:
- It would be possible to "cheat" by leaving for guildship, or SH for example, then just teleporting back to my Walker. All of such pleasantries are forbidden! Fleet pass, quick travel and legacy transport forbidden as well ofc.
- I never leave the walker, but I can bring stuff in. I'll use stuff such as cartel collections, legacy summons for mailbox, legacy bank etc to their full benefit! They are kinda like floating debris for Robinson Crusoe.
- I've always wondered how my stats for GSF end up looking if I never join a single group. More importantly, It'd be weird to live in my walker of solitude ground side, but seek out grps for GSF! So I'll do solo queue exclusively in GSF. I did join a guild though.

Random stuff:
- I'll prolly post an occasonal video and whatnot.
- I bet I mess this up by spacebarring through that intro convo out of habit sometime. It pops up after each GSF match. All is fine as long as I remember to punish my esc.key!
- I prolly talk a little bit about ship builds thorough this weird, ridiculous experiment. Thorugh that, this might have some value for somebody who is GSF-curious.
- Random long winded obervations about GSF in general prolly happen!
- Name Maarek Farlander is an obscure referance to Keyan Farlander and Maarek Stele, player characters of classic X-Wing and Tie Fighter PC games.