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09.04.2021 , 10:34 AM | #1
Ultima Ratio is a small social guild that does CQ and FPs.
We‘re looking for like minded people who get a kick out of socializing and playing conquest and flashpoints with guildies, while nerding out over flagship decorating.

We‘re looking to build
  • A fellowship of casual, engaged
  • A maximum of 30 unique accounts
  • Frequent flashpoints and conquest with guildies
  • A lively, enjoyable chat
  • A well stocked

What we have so far
  • A couple motivated working on this vision
  • A with the basic amenities
  • Ample potential for shenanigans
  • A server on Guilded, optional to use, filled with links to useful resources to learn getting the most out of TOR

We're building a place for those people who enjoy the freedom of playing without an imposed schedule but with the social component many tightly knit OPs teams enjoy.
We're purposely keeping the guild size limited and recruit only those who are aware of our guild concept and its goals - no false pretenses.

How do I find out more?
If the prospects of slightly fewer bonuses (flagship being work in progress) and the absence of OPs on one hand and a sense of purpose (building up a place for those who prefer this hybrid/old-school approach) and more engaging chat on the other hand sound intriguing to you, contact us here or in-game.