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Breaking Point
Chapter 6
(WARNING: this story contains spoilers relating to in-game events for the original TOR chapters)

*This story plays out much like a Flashpoint or a planet story arc using updating information and progressing communications before its conclusion*

-Decryption complete
From: Vaiken Spacedock
To: the office of Minister Davidge

"This is a disaster Minister. You have no doubt heard the news or seen the Holonet by now. Days without any leads and now this. Two Sith lords dead and our mission exposed publicly. This must come to a swift end soon or we will lose control of the situation permanently.

Two days ago, Darila was found at Lord Kurgg's estate on the world of Rhelg. She cut down the dark lord and his apprentices in the area. She then stole his droids, his freighter, and some amount of wealth he carried at this stronghold. Lord Kurgg was a fat oaf and overconfident in his abilities, but he was an accomplished saber master and there is no doubt he was slain by this breaker lightsaber that Darila now wields. His political connections have been in an uproar and security has been on alert in all surrounding systems, but we've managed to keep this from the public for now.

Then last night, Darila appeared on the streets of Kaas City on Dromund Kaas and killed Darth Mentane in full view of a hundred witnesses. This act alone has struck fear and panic into the public and the Sith lords who live here. Security cameras confirm it's her. She was here and she escaped once again. This is insulting and it's a disgrace to our security response. Darth Mentane was an expert combat specialist with power and influence in the higher circles of the empire. He should have been able to best her, and his loss is damaging to us and elevating Darila's reputation to new heights.

The city is on high alert and Sith lords everywhere have now seen the security recording showing the power of her breaker lightsaber. Some seek to kill her and claim her weapon for themselves. Others are offering to recruit her for their own ends, likely to betray her later once her weapon is within reach. The discovery of this breaker lightsaber has spread paranoia and greed to every apprentice and power-hungry Sith in the empire. Even whispers of the Dark Council have reached me suggesting they will discuss her at their next gathering. Lord Hold is offering a reward for her location. Fighting has broken out on Vaiken spacedock, Ziost outposts, the Sith Academy, and it's only going to get worse until she is stopped. Everyone sees themselves as the one true wielder of the weapon and would use it to rally followers and challenge any opposition.

My engineers have been able to decipher Darila's records onboard her ship that we captured. It seems her medical equipment was indeed meant for her. More importantly, it was for her constant use of this breaker lightsaber. After some more digging into the past, I found the builders of this lightsaber are not using a traditional kyber crystal to power the weapon. It is instead an unknown crystal fragment found in a meteor that was discovered a long time ago. It was labeled M-23 and was shelved for decades until used for a lightsaber crystal. The unexpected effect of using it as a lightsaber crystal is that it outputs a small but dangerous amount of radiation from the hilt. Constant use is causing the user to slowly die. This oversight was never solved or corrected in the prototype phase and Darila has been using it while slowly dying from it after each use. Now she can use it continuously and has no more medical machinery to keep her alive.

But Darila has revealed her plan. Now I know where she will strike next. Lord Kurgg and Darth Mentane were both former apprentices to Darth Soren: the Sith lord who was supposed to train Darila and rejected her all those years ago. Darth Soren died in battle in the last war, but he had one more apprentice who is still alive. Darth Firem is on Quesh at this moment and he will be her next victim. Her revenge will be to wipe out all apprentices and teachings of Soren forever.

Send your team to find Firem on Quesh immediately and stop Darila. Republic spies have reported that the Jedi council have become aware of her and dispatched their own team to find Darila and her weapon so be prepared. Do not let her escape, and use whatever resources are necessary to survive an encounter with her breaker lightsaber. Good luck Minister. End transmission."