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12.25.2020 , 11:14 AM | #10057
Quote: Originally Posted by Opiklo View Post
how did you gear up? in mm fps? just like 99% of the players?

that kind of behaviour is very anti social
No, what is anti-social is using group-finder and expecting other players to carry your inexperienced, undergeared butt through the harder MM flashpoints. Unfortunately players that have been carried usually don't realize it.

I don't know about the player you are quoting but I geared up in Vet fp (on 2 servers) and didn't even queue up for the easier MM until I had 280 plus gear AND a tactical. I don't queue for ALL MM flashpoints until I have 306 gear, set bonus, and a decent tactial. For dps specs I do a quick parse on the 3.5 mil target dummy. If I can't hit 15k dps (which is a pretty low, easy to get, parse nowadays) I don't queue for MM fp on that class. Most flashpoints can be done with one good dps, and one mediocre (or even bad) dps, but the harder ones just cannot be done with TWO mediocre/bad dps. There is only so much a good tank/heal can do without having proper dps.

Now, if you want to pre-form a group then by all means run with whatever level and gear you and you teammates want to.

HOWEVER if you are using group-finder for MM flashpoints then you should have at least 2 out of these 3 area's checked off:

1. Be geared (decent stat balance, tactical at the very least)
2. Know the fights
3. Know your class abilities and how/when to use them (including dcds, interrupts, and cc's)
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