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I hate to be the one to say this...

...but the addition of a new Level-55 skill at the end of the tree does exactly one thing.

Unbalances all PVP between Level-50 and Level-55 Players.

I must be on my cynical-cycle right now, because I am seeing through to the worst eventuality of each of these announcements.

Considering the state of PVP balance right now how in the name of Lucas are they going to balance this?
50 was never "end game". We call it end game because it's the end right now. The game was never planned to stay at 50. Lvl.99 has always been the traditional end game in RPG's, but often takes MMO's a decade to reach that point. And to boot, 55 will be likely very temporary. At this time next year we will either have or be very near to an actual full expansion that moves us to 60. It will probably sit there for another year or two and then move to 65/70, etc.

There was always a plan to increase the level cap. The full talent trees and abilities for 10-20 levels up are likely planned out. They aren't sitting around scratching their heads to figure out what to do right now.

The easiest solution to your querry is that "end game" pvp will probably increase to 55 and WH/EWH will scale to that point. There will be a few weeks where <55 take a beating and then it those players will clear out. It's not a big deal.
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