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Most of you are by now aware of these considerable bugs regarding companion display in strongholds but I would like to address them since they haven't been fixed:

1) Companions turning into holo if not part of the class the current toon is logged onto. In my opinion, they should just spawn in as they were placed by their respective toons. They should be treated as decorations, not as the actual comps. I mean come on, I was really looking forward to having a Jedi Harem w/ Kira Carsen, Nadia Grell, Jaesa Wilsaam, and Ashara Zavros all in the same place xD
This isn't actually a bug. They are *meant* to do that. It might not be what you *want*, but it *is* what the studio built it to be. (For what it's worth, this behaviour has attracted a lot of criticism over the years, but it is in no way clear what they should look like on other characters, especially if the player has multiple characters of the "original" class.)
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2) Companions I unlocked being unavailable: Treek, Malavai Quinn, and Jakarro are all unavailable and/or not appearing as decoration options despite being usable as companions on that toon and Treek being in collections
That belongs in the Bug Reports forum.
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3) Dashade confusion: Ak'ghal Usar, the dashade unlocked through the Alliance Alerts, comes up under Khem Val's name and appearance regardless of what character I'm on. This disappoints me bc I was really looking forward to having two Dashade bodyguards
That belongs in the Bug Reports forum.
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4) Companions in underwear: Kira and Scourge specifically are showing up just in their underwear if I try to place either of them, especially once I've re-acquired them post-Onslaught. I keep getting told this is a "gift" from BioWare but honestly I don't find it amusing since it ruins the aesthetic in my stronghold. Please fix it.
It's not a gift. It's an actual bug, like the other two. It also affects Light Side Jaesa once she returns. The key thing to remember is that, from a game-mechanical point of view, the companions that "return" aren't the ones that left. In a few cases, they have different names, and some of them don't use the same weapon(s) as they did before they left.

What's broken for Kira, Scourge and LSJ is the link between the old version and the new version, so under X or Y condition, you see the "old" versions, the ones who handed over their gear when the new versions "returned".

But it's a bug.
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