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Something that bugs me about these threads calling concealment ops overpowered with no counters... is that people don't actually talk about the counter.


its that simple

They don't build resolve, have low CDs, and prevent operatives from rolling.
They can be cleansed (uses a gcd), evaded (uses a dcd), broken (stunbreaker or threat drop), or circumvented (utility that no-one takes in PvP). All those things have fairly long cds and will let you wreck an operative in the meantime.
In listing all of Operative/Scoundrelís counters to being rooted, youíve only reinforced the point about them not having many solid counters. As an Operative main myself, I can say with certainty that in such a situation, Iím going to pop dcdís and weather the storm. Then, Iím going to roll, stun, and melt you. Unless that root comes with a hefty side order of 3v1 stomping, or is applied at just the right time in just the right place, most competent Operative/Scoundrel players donít care about being rooted.

Same with Electro Net. Pop dcdís, survive, heal, turn around and sodomize the Merc/Commando who did it. Iím not saying it happens like this all the time, but it happens often enough that Electro Net doesnít feel like the instant-win button that people say it is.