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Hello, stranger here up ^
Not to brag, but to clarify your argument is quite invalid: I win most of my matches, we focus heavy on winning since that's how we have fun. Still, lockout is nothing but a problem. If we have a disconnect in the group we have to decide to wait 15 minutes or what.

If you have a rollbug in the match, the same.

Quite the contrary, if you are good at winning, then why complain a random who left the match? Is really not going to affect you that someone who doesn't want to be in the match leaves. Is going to affect you if he stays AFK and you don't get a better refill.

In ranked is another story-

Remove the lockout please.
Yeah, we've all heard the DC excuse. If you are having constant DC problems, then don't queue for PVP. Queueing for PVP with the expectation that you will DC is better known by another term: trolling. Your connection is an issue between you and your ISP. BioWare cannot balance PVP around people with bad connections.

The best player in the game cannot win ancient hypergates in 8 vs 1. Numbers matter. When you leave a match because you are losing (and this is exactly why you and everyone else choose to leave) you're harming the team and their fun because they are trying to make a comeback to the best of their abilities.