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Our guild welcomes solo players while also:
  • Providing opportunities to learn about SM & HM operations in a guilt-free and fun environment
  • Occasionally hosting fun activities and random events
  • Promoting a mature and responsible culture

We currently run an easy/newbie operation on Wednesdays, and two operations both Friday and Saturday nights: one story mode followed by one hard mode for our progression team, which we’re willing to expand and schedule as growth permits. We occasionally run activities at other times.

Our Youtube channel
Our web site and current event calendar
Our Discord server: (hop onto our Discord and let us know you're interested)

Our playstyle:
Fundamentally, we’re a mature, casual guild that offers opportunities for people looking for more than what’s available for those who only solo.

We are not a roleplay guild.

Full disclosure: We have our down times
As most of us work full time, you might log in during the early morning or when we’re not running operations or events and be the only one logged on. Our Discord population is active, and we encourage you to join us there.

And now for the nitty-gritty:

General expectations of behavior: Our Discord has a complete list of expectations, but basically: Keep guild chat clean. Avoid mentioning spoilers. No begging for gear, groups, credits, promotions, etc.. Respect your fellow guildies. Do not grief role-players. Avoid drama.

We are a mature, open-minded guild. Our members hail from the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, and elsewhere. Over time, we expect even more members to join us from an even broader array of countries as people migrate from the EU servers to Star Forge. We have people of different backgrounds and sensibilities. We don’t all need to agree with each other all the time, but courtesy is greatly appreciated. To maintain a friendly atmosphere, we ask that our members absolutely refrain from political and religious topics in guild chat.

Activity Policy:
We deguild players after 50 days without logging on for players who have legacy names. For players without legacy names, we deguild after 30 days. Please log in every 25 or 40 days respectively to refresh your login date. If you know you'll be gone longer, contact an officer so we can record your absence. Deguilding for inactivity is not a ban. If you log on and find yourself deguilded, contact any member to be re-invited.

Your first promotion requires level 10, having been in the guild a few days, and a legacy name. Further ranks are granted to support our members’ level of participation in the guild. Ranks are not progression.


Server: Star Forge (Previously Shadowlands and Ebon Hawk)
Guild formation: 2014
Active accounts: 41
Character count: There is Only Peace 475 (pub) Empire's Destiny 490 (imp)
Guild level: 327 (pub) 331 (imp)
Approximate average age of members: 35 (we span from late teens to 80); GL: 53
Bank: 8 vaults (member exchange area, craft mats, operation supplies, officer vault)
Strongholds: Nar Shaddaa (pub), Rishi (imp)

And the conquest stats:

Weekly Conquest Target: Large (5 million points)
Fully unlocked flagship with full maintained perks: Yes
Repair funds: 3 million credits/week for operation ranks; 300k - 800k for non-op ranks


We hope by laying all our cards on the table that we’ve provided an excellent overview of what you can expect if you join There Is Only Peace and Empire’s Destiny.
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