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Greetings folks!

Please remember, this thread is for discussing same-gender romances in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Please keep discussions game related! Discussions regarding real life politics, morality and religion do not belong in this thread or anywhere else on the forums. All replies must be on-topic, constructive and respectful or they will be removed.

Our official statement:

Quote: Originally Posted by StephenReid
Official statement follows:
Due to the design constraints of a fully voiced MMO of this scale and size, many choices had to be made as to the launch and post-launch feature set. Same gender romances with companion characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic will be a post-launch feature. Because The Old Republic is an MMO, the game will live on through content expansions which allow us to include content and features that could not be included at launch, including the addition of more companion characters who will have additional romance options.
As a gentle reminder to everyone, please remember the following:
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For anyone who wishes to discuss [Flirt] options, please do know that we also have a thread for that discussion in the Suggestion Box.

Thank you!