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12.25.2019 , 04:40 PM | #27
Sounds like the clan might be a fit for me. I'm a fairly active Jugg Tank, only i272, a fresh level 75, with a focus on PvP and especially Galactic Starfighter (T2 Scout main). I'm slowly working on getting my irating towards 306, though I imagine it will take quite a while. Used to be a Guardian tank main but I've since defected after seeing how corrupt the Republic truly was in the Trooper story. Now I'm a Jugg tank main, with eventual plans to make a Heal/DoT Operative and maybe a Shadow tank for Pub-Side.

Slowly working my way through the storyline, and I'm game to do Master FP's and 8-man Ops provided the team is willing to teach me the encounters, but I mainly focus on Warzones and especially GSF.

Anyway, sounds like a cool clan. My ign is Killer'tofu, send me a PM sometime.