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My thoughts:

Right now I like the buff's the set bonus currently gives though the jury is still out on which set bonus is better.
Some napkin math.
2 - piece gives 2% for 15 seconds every 30. This results in 1% extra damage.
4 - piece gives 3% for 10 seconds after zen. Zen comes roughly every 20 seconds though there is variation from spec to spec. This is a 50% up time with 3% damage bonus or an average of 1.5%
6 - piece gives about 5k extra damage every minute or 5000/60= 83dps that in a 5k parse translates into 1.67%

So far we have a 4.17% dps gain from set bonus which is below your stated goal. Changing the new four piece to be more similar to the old 4-piece will give us closer to the 5% dps goal you stated while also tilting the scales in favor of new set bonus compared to the old. Other than that, set bonuses for sentinel are good.
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