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What's the point in suggesting something that will get ignored as usual? I'm sorry for the negativity, but please prove me wrong. For every recent patch that affected Marauders we gave you 50 or more pages of feedback and yet you **** in our face. Number one example is the self-heal nerf and the Stoic/Brazen "buff", that literally straight up ignored the feedback and then you proceeded to give the stupidest excuse ever:
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnJarynowski View Post
While the Fury/Centering generation applied by Defensive Forms (and the new Brazen/Stoic) improves the DPS and defensive output of Marauders/Sentinels who are being actively attacked, it does nothing for those who are avoiding damage or attention and allowing their team/companions to draw the targetís ire. Due to this fact, we are leaving this Fury/Centering generation skill as a player choice and not moving it to a class-baseline passive.
I really don't see the use in suggesting anything new. I'm sure others will keep trying though. Good luck.
Set bonus changes aren't needed. Other changes are needed.

I will just repeat AGAIN what I and (judging by the posts of other Maras in the past) most of the Marauder community thinks.
Reverse the homogenization crap you're trying to pull, by giving every every DoT spec the same self heal-concept. Crit-selfheal was great and fun and unique. Bring it back, give us 2% back (maybe 1,5% if you're afraid it'll be broken). Remove your fkd up DoT-spread idea in turn, this spec doesn't need a spread anyway. Simple.
Make Stoic/Brazen a baseline passive and move Expunging Camo to tier 1. Come up with something new for Heroic. Simple.
Bring the old Anni playstyle back. Fix Combat Gore window or Ravage damage. Simple.
Nothing else needed.