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03.04.2021 , 01:04 PM | #4
I have leveled a number of characters who switched specs while leveling and it's easier to switch than you might think.

You only really need about 6 buttons for your key rotation for any spec, so if you keep all the inter-changing abilities on similar numbers then it makes it easier.

The only skills which change position between the specs for me are...
Corrosive dart goes from 2 (lethality) to R (medicine)
Lethal Strike/Backstab goes from 3 (lethality) to T (medicine)
Kolto Probe goes from Tilde (lethality) to 4 (medicine)
Overload shot changes from 5 (lethality) to MB 4 (medicine)

Everything else I share between specs stays exactly on the bars where it is and doesn't need moving, while the new buttons that get added sadly don't remember where I had them last so appear in places I need to shuffle them around in... still, it's doable for me in under 10 seconds so it's hardly a lot of work.

The other thing to remember is which utilities you need... I use the same ones for lethality and medicine, except for a single one (masterful I switch holotraverse cd reduction (lethality) for overload shot regenerating (medicine). So the pattern is easy to remember.

For other classes, it can be as simple (deception/darkness, for example) so Swtor have actually done a decent job of making it easy to switch as often as you like (and the 200k respec field cost is low too!)