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So, part of that would depend on your advanced class. For example, if you picked the advanced class of Scoundrel ... or the advanced class of Sorcerer ... then your 3 discipline paths would be two damage dealing (or "dps") paths and one healing path. Leveling as a healer is very slow, and you won't get most of your key healing abilities that you will use in the advanced content until later in your path. However, it will get you familiar with what your heals do, how they synergize with each other, how much class resource (energy or Force, in my examples) they use, etc. This can be useful if you plan on primarily being a healer.

If, instead, you picked the advanced class of Juggernaut, or Vanguard, then your 3 paths would be two dps paths and one tanking path. Again, leveling as a tank is very slow, but combined with setting your companion as a healer, will mean you should easily survive all the core encounters for the story parts of the game. If you are one of the advanced classes that has a tanking discipline, and you find yourself struggling to stay alive in some fights during your story leveling, switching to tank may help.

Personally, I have found in my years of playing this game that the healing and tank disciplines are not quite as dependent upon a "rotation" so to speak as much as the damage-dealing disciplines. For that reason, I typically try to learn one of the two or three damage dealing discipline paths and level that way, so that I can get into the habit of the recommended rotation and practice it while leveling.

You might want to post under the specific class subforum to ask more details.
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