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8 months, but we have a release date for it's new set of end game stuff, and it was exactly the same for Wrath into Cata (except they chucked a thrown together raid from recycled content in for that one that went down like a lead balloon). It looks to me as if I'm going back to WoW. Most of my guild have left due to lack of content (they cleared EC:HM months ago). Due to work commitments I couldn't raid with them back then and I can't go with a realistic expectation of making progress there now (just need Vargath and Kephess for the mount) due to lack of decent players.

I fully expect TFB to appear on PTS a week before MoP hits, and I suspect it's probably fully tested bug-wise already and numbers just need fine-tuning because they've been holding it back due to a lack of ammunition to go against the other releases that have been coming out recently (GW2 where my guildmates are) and soon.
have you seen what WoW did to the tallent trees? If you did you woudln't be saying you will be going back to WoW.

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