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09.10.2012 , 07:44 AM | #173
8 months, but we have a release date for it's new set of end game stuff, and it was exactly the same for Wrath into Cata (except they chucked a thrown together raid from recycled content in for that one that went down like a lead balloon). It looks to me as if I'm going back to WoW. Most of my guild have left due to lack of content (they cleared EC:HM months ago). Due to work commitments I couldn't raid with them back then and I can't go with a realistic expectation of making progress there now (just need Vargath and Kephess for the mount) due to lack of decent players.

I fully expect TFB to appear on PTS a week before MoP hits, and I suspect it's probably fully tested bug-wise already and numbers just need fine-tuning because they've been holding it back due to a lack of ammunition to go against the other releases that have been coming out recently (GW2 where my guildmates are) and soon.