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Wait, wait, wait, you sent someone an item in the mail and are now waiting for them to pay you? Well, you might be waiting for a while, because unless they have a sense of honor they will not pay you. You NEVER send ANYTHING cod in an mmo, PERIOD. I really hate to say it, but that was not a very smart move, I hope you learn from it.
Don't be a tard and don't spread misinformation.

The COD system works BRILLIANTLY in this game .. I have NEVER had anyone NOT pick up an item after more than two days.

Not only that, but if you dig a little and stop spreading false information you'll find this ...

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Hello ManDogTrain,

The COD mail should have expired after 3 days and been returned to you if the fee was not paid. As this is clearly not the case, I would advise that you contact Customer Service either via email or the in-game support system. Please make sure you include as many of the following details as you are able to and one of our Customer Service Representatives will help you out as soon as possible:
  • Keyword: Jupiter
  • Server (ie Cosmic Turbine / Darth Malak)
  • Character Name
  • Character Level / Class / Advanced class
  • Name of item(s) attached to the mail:
  • The date and time the mail was sent:
  • Detailed description of the issue
Should you contact us via email please ensure that you do so from the email address associated with your SWTOR account.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, should there be anything else we can assist you with please do not hesitate to contact us.
So your entire post, zejaie, is either malicious or ignorant.