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I agree with all these suggestions Estelindis. I would add that there needs to be a second mission for the so-called Supplement materials ... the ones that used to only be white but now come in green and blue varieties and are sold by the crew skill vendor and advanced repair droid legacy perk. However, I have low expectations that such a change could be implemented in short order.

Why do I think these changes are immediately necessary to resuscitate crafting?

The changes as proposed by Estelindis will still result in a system that consumes far more materials than previously, simply by the nature of the nested components and purple/blue grades of things that were previously only green. This achieves the inferred goal of the developers that crafting should be time consuming, expensive, and encumbered. (I mean, that's the only conclusion I've come to regarding the developer's motives for putting this out despite the PTS feedback.) Additionally, since deconstructing items results in the return of materials completely unrelated to the crafting skill (e.g. deconstructing purple biochem end products gives luxury fabrics and sliced tech parts) a crafter will still be in significant green material deficit for the foreseeable future, as crew skill gathering gets very expensive and gathering nodes on Onderon and Mek Sha are either sparse or buried under geometry.

So, the developers still get to burden crafters, but the system isn't the travesty that it is now.
I agree 100%. Right now crafting is not worth it. I've crafted from day one, not for profit but for my own toons. Now I can't even do that. very disappointed. I thought this supposed to be a play your way game, evidently they don't care about crafters.