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I resubscribed yesterday after 7 years hoping that it's been long enough I'm sure things have gotten better by now holy **** was I shocked that the game had literally been taken over by RP players and LARPers....

I am and always will be a hardcore PVP player and I've always loved Star wars the Old Republic PVP if there are any guilds out there that consistently run on a daily basis organized war zones please for the love of God please post here or private message me whatever I am praying to God that I am not going to unsubscribe my account for the last time and walk away from a game that had unlimited potential when it first released I even played beta yeah they were bugs but this game had infinite potential but no it's filled with people who truly try to be everything that they cannot be in life I know this sounds a little toxic but that's how passionate I am about Star wars and this game Star wars the Old Republic right now is like Disney's version of Star wars the Old Republic the only thing that's missing is Mickey mouse running around with a lightsaber honestly though if there's any guilds that run organized war zones on a regular basis and maybe even the occasional operation I'm your Man I'm even willing to transfer servers hit me up pretty please I beg you....
Jeepers. You are aware that commas exist ? You could even throw in a line break, just to go wild.