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Chapter 10


Jase made his way to a cantina a kilometer away from the space port. He had his blaster pistol in a new holster that he picked at Boonta Eve so that he was always ready at a moment's notice. The cantina was a small, one story building with lights across the top in blue and yellow shades. Jase walked through the front door and took in the atmosphere. It was a well maintained establishment with a bar on the side to the left of the entrance and the rest of the space was filled with tables and foreign faces. In the back right corner there was a Jukebox. Jase found a table with two chairs against the wall, he sat down and got comfortable as he thought out his plan.

The waitress got to his table and asked his name and if he was going to eat. Jase sat up from slouching over the table. "I'm Jase Fett, and I was wondering if there is a bounty board around here?" He asked with a nonchalant voice. The waitress quickly assessed him "Aren't you a little small to be bounty-hunting?" she said with a questioning voice, then she began again, "If you're looking for work, those guys over there always need an extra hand". Jase looked over to where she was pointing and saw four men wareing the easily recognizable Mandalorian Beskar'gam.

Jase thanked the waitress as she set off to go fill up another drink. He then got up to head over to the Mandalorian's table, they seemed to be the only ones in the cantina wearing armor. Jase walked up to the table and went unnoticed as two men were arm wrestling and locked in a stalemate. The one to his left was huge with hulking hands. It was amazing that he hadn't won already to the smaller man across from him. The man to his right was small in comparison to his friend and he was also well built and muscled just not as obvious. Hettir, who was the one on the right, saw the boy next to him and signaled Brokar to stop so they could talk to the boy but Brokar was determined to win this time and wasn't going to fall for anything so he didn't stop. This annoyed Hettir, so he looked over to Jase and said "Be right with you." Suddenly the big man lurched sideways as Hettir brought the full force of his arm into the table and had Brokar's hand in between it.

Hettir sat in his chair waiting to hear what Jase had to say. "I'm Jase, I heard you were the one to talk to about work, Is that right?" Jase asked. He was answered by Broker who got up nursing his arm, "Listen, we don't need half a man..", but he was interrupted by Hettir who saw beyond size, "We could use your help. I'm Hettir, this is Brokar, our muscle head and these two are Parjir, our explosives expert, and this is Chaaj also known as Mr. Tunnel vision. We have a job in mind. Are you up for it?" Jase nodded once "yes I am".

They had official introductions, and Jase explained his story, then Jase sat down with them and got a Bantha burger. When he was done eating Hettir explained to him how a ruthless mandalorian warlord called Shukur was ruling a small city that was corrupt and that rumors had spread about him working with the Sith empire to help control the city. Jase asked what they were planning to do about it and Hettir answered, "We're going to ruin his day and capture an important caravan from him"

They left the cantina and they took him back with them to their homestead in an airspeeder where they were greeted by Hettir's wife who was dressed in the traditional Mandalorian armor and was also accompanied by a young woman probably six-teen. Jase stepped out of the speeder and his heart leapt in his mouth as he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Parjir got out after him and pushed Jase's mouth up. Not realizing that it was open he looked away with red cheeks as the girl smiled at him. Hettir introduced him "Laar meet Jasuum Fett", and then he was introduced to Hettir's wife but he didn't catch her name because his heart was too loud, her name was Kar'ta.

Jase looked around as he was brought onto their porch and he saw three main buildings with a speeder parked outside each one. As Hettir's wife went inside to retrieve refreshments, the rest of them went over the plan. "We're going to hit them tomorrow at this crossroads'', he pointed to a cross on the holomap. "Now Brokar and Jase ride up alongside the rear transport while I hit the front, Parjir will hijack the middle speeder and get the shipment out of there. And Chaaj will tell us when to go in because he will be up on this ridge". as he said the last bit he pointed to a ridge a quarter kilometer away from the objective. "This is an Imperial caravan so be ready for anything".

That night Jase slept in the barn with an animal (Brokar) The snoring wasn't too bad, so Jase got to sleep quicker than he thought he would. The next morning he woke up at dawn and went to the animal water pump where he washed away the dreariness. He rubbed his face off with his hands and was shocked to find Laar standing right next to him offering him a towel, which he took gratefully. She gave him a smile and wished him good morning and then walked off to take care of the animals. Then in five minutes while Jase was shaping up, everyone woke up and came out dressed in their Beskar'gam to prepare for the coming mission.