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Chapter 8

The Wait

Jase was expecting the answer, after all why else would he be here if not for Jase. Quiltin cast a look on Jase, It took Jase a minute to realize that that was his que. "Oh I'm Jase'' he responded rather sheepishly. "and do you have a second name Jase" Quiltin asked Jase was caught off guard "Fett, Jasuum Fett'' he responded. Suddenly Quiltin's eyes got bigger and he leaned back against his chair, the chief was also surprised for he never actually asked for his name. Quiltin started again "You wouldn't happen to be related to Callus Fett would you" Jase had no idea that his dad was well known. "Is that a problem" Jase asked, Quiltin smiled and looked at the chief then turned back to Jase "A surprise to be sure but a welcome one".

Jase forgot a key detail when he left home. He was supposed*to wait a few days for his dad before he left, and he just now remembers it as he was talking to the pilot to take him off world. Jase interrupted the Chief as he was in the middle of explaining why he was helping Jase and what Jase did for him, "I am sorry chief but I can't leave for another two days" Jase said. "Why not" said Quiltin, Jase thought quickly he wasn't sure if he could trust the Pilot just yet with the real explanation, the reason being because Quiltin's reaction was unreadable, he could either be good friends with his dad or worst enemies so he just made up a random excuse, "I need to get more supplies and pack up then say goodbye to Tatooine first" Jase said, hoping that Quiltin bought it. Quiltin looked at Jase for a moment, studying him, then he responded "alright then I'll be preparing the ship. Call me when you're ready". After that, the chief and the Zabrak settled on a price and Jase left with the chief back to the Sandcrawler.

Jase packed his gear and set off to the spaceport to have it ready in the ship when the time came, but he kept a steady watch to the south and on all vehicles coming into town, but every entry was a letdown as the familiar figure of his father was never one of the occupants. Jase lost hope, he knew his father would have gotten here by now unless something went terribly wrong. The next day Jase went into town and searched for news about his dad but he always turned up empty handed. He would then turn back to the Sandcrawler and get on the roof to watch the incoming traffic with his Binocs that he borrowed from the Jawas. he eventually would call it a night, when the moons would go down and everyone was settled into bed.

The next day he followed the same routine and there was still no sign of his father, this was the last day before he had to leave. Jase was getting desperate and careless, He was heading up the street as he saw the man who stole his credit pouch go into a cantina. Jase wanted to give him a piece of his mind, or more specifically a taste of his blaster but then he heard from inside the cantina, "It's the kid from the alley" and three men burst out of the doorway after him. Jase recognized them as the bully boys that he stunned at the warehouse. They all pulled their blasters and fired but Jase was already gone running for the spaceport. Then the thief ran after him with the others close behind firing their blaster pistols.

Jase reached the port and saw Quiltin talking to the dock manager "FIRE UP THE SHIP, FIRE UP THE SHIP" he cried. Jase then ran up the Durasteel door to the ship's entrance and into the ship itself. Quiltin saw Jase run up the plank quickly followed by two blaster bolts that hit the vessel. Quiltin pulled his blaster and fired two return shots at the attackers. He then ran to the cockpit of the ship and opened up the Duraplas windshield, (which was special to his freighter) and started the engines. "Kid, get up here", Quiltin yelled. Jase ran to the cockpit with haste and sat in the co-pilot's seat. "What is going on" Quiltin said accusingly, "just get us out of here, you can ask why later" Jase responded, Quiltin didn't need to be told twice as they blasted out of the spaceport heading for the stars.