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Chapter 7

A Close Call

Jase looked over his shoulder and saw two men pursuing*him. He stopped for a second to fire two stun rounds out of the blaster,*but the men were faster and saw him pull it and they ducked behind cover before the shots reached them. Jase started running again before he saw the results but he heard the men yelling again. So much for wasting two rounds He thought to himself. But he had no time to think as he was running away from his pursuers and trying not to crash into any sharp turns that came his way. Too late, he hit a wall with the full force of his body, "oof" he cried. His head was starting to spin when he turned around and saw the two men gaining not far behind.

Jase got up in a rush still winded from the hit. He had to think fast. He was still a long ways away, and the men were sure to catch him before he reached the Sandcrawler. So he pulled his blaster, switched it off stun, looked down the sights, and fired at the big man with the satchel at his side. The pursuer wasn't ready for the shot before he could do anything the bag at his side exploded being filled with charges meant to blow up the Sandcrawler. Jase jumped to the side into a curve of the back alley just dodging the explosion that engulfed the alley way.
Jase didn't need to see the remains of the alley way. He sat back against a wall and breathed heavily. What I'd do for a drink of cold blue milk right now, He thought to himself. He took a few breaths then leaned over and puked up his dinner. He regretted thinking about blue milk as he got to his feet and started off to the Sand crawler. He had less need to run now as no one was chasing him. He thought to himself why the dealer wanted the Jawas gone there was no apparent*reason other than wanting a cover up for the dead bird so what was he up to? Jase looked up from his shoes as a loud voice came crying out with much unpleasant language making up the majority of the shout. Jase finally exited the tight alleyway into the main street when he saw the Sandcrawler in all its glory starting to move.

The Sandcrawler had it's doors up and was heading somewhere west along the edge of the city. Jase couldn't believe it, He started to run as fast as he could but to no avail. Jase needed that ride off planet and he wasn't going to be left behind now, so Jase made the only decision he could. He ran*for the nearest Speeder bike,and while jumping on and Hijacking it he said to the owner as fast he could "CanIborrowthis,i'llbringitrightback,thanks,sorry. " and he zipped away not giving it a second thought as he chased after the Sandcrawler. He followed*it for several minutes before it stopped again in a different part of town.*

The big door went down and the Jawas waddled out bringing along their droids and such. Jase stepped off the speeder and headed straight for the taller Jawa who he could recognize as the Chief. The chief turned around to face Jase who was filled with rage, shock and fatigue "How dare you leave me there. I thought we had a good relationship, but now you abandon me?`` Then the Chief quickly went to explain "I sent one of our people to go and tell you where we were going, I had no intention of leaving you, and as you can see we are now in the spaceport and this is where we will find my Pilot." Jase was taken aback by this turn of events and he quickly explained the situation with the dealer. Now it was the Chiefs turn to be surprised. The chief then looked at Jase with new respect and thanked him once more for getting this information then he turned around to tell one of*his friends*to take*care of the*stolen*speeder.

The Chief then led Jase to a docking bay where he showed Jase the ship he was to travel in, then he led him to a diner where they could find the pilot. The Diner was filled with music, customers, and conversation. The chief led him to a table where a well built Blue Zabrak sat eating a meal that was clearly in much better condition than the other cantina's food. The Jawa looked at Jase in a kind of "I'll do the talking kind of look" which was strange considering that he could only see the glowing yellow eyes and translator mask. "Aww Quiltin*nice to see you again." The chief waited patiently while the Zabrak finished his bite. Then Quiltin*looked up and said "What and who do you need*to take care of now Chief". Then the chief looked at Jase and responded "Him".*