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I totally agree with you.
HG is pure fun, but Orbs should be removed because they just confuse most players. I saw healers bringing orbs, while our Team got stomped keeping the enemy node neutral.
Gotta love matches like that or when your team needs both nodes for any hope of winning and people are still running orbs and yelling at others to run orbs too instead of attacking the nodes to take them.

The problem is new players don’t understand map and game mechanics. The lack of strategy and tactics is missing because too many good players gave up playing objectives in all pvp maps and only concentrate on DMing.

But removing the orbs is not the answer here. The solution is to educate players how the maps work. And then for older or more experienced players teaching the newer players about strategy and tactics.

There is a good “how to pvp” link in my signature. Which is actually the sticky at the top of this pvp forum. Yes it’s old now. But the info is still 100% correct and it explains how the maps work and tactics and strategies. I would suggest everyone start pointing it out to players or linking the sticky in the game so newbie pvpers can learn how the basics work.

Removing mechanics is never the answer. It’s the same flawed logic that led to dumbing down the pve game to accomodate players with the lowest skill at the expense of the rest of the players. It won’t make pvp better it will just make the skills less.

And if clicking my signature link is too hard, here is a direct link to the guide on how the maps work :